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As members of The Links, Incorporated we have an obligation through community service, to strengthen and improve our communities. We continue to execute programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our programs are called facets. We use a programmatic facet structure as an integrated approach to preparing initiatives that will enrich and inform members of our community. The five facets are: National Trends and Services, The Arts, Services to Youth, International Trends and Services, and Health and Human Services.

We even engage in community service during our social events.  Our chapter utilized our annual holiday party to provide donations to organizations that reflect the mission areas of The Links, Incorporated.  Our chapter members donated sanitary products for No More Secrets Mind Body Spirit, Inc., an organization that provides free products to local community-based facilities for young women who are unable to attend school because they cannot afford feminine hygiene products.  We also donated items to our other programs already in existence, including cards for our chapter’s adopted children and sick and shut in members as well as coat, toiletry and food donations to Cheyney University’s clothing boutique and food pantry.

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National Trends & Services

Our vision is to help eliminate disparities in our community while reducing barriers to services through the execution of advocacy, education and service. As a chapter, we are empowered to empower our communities through partnership, and by extending our initiatives to communities with the greatest need. For example, our national program,“Trash Talking: It’s No Joke!” addresses bullying, encourages a child’s self esteem, encourages communication between parents and children about personal safety, and reinforces the need for adult supervision and protection.

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The Arts

The Links Incorporated has a strong record of support for the performing and visual arts, especially where it is focused on the presentation of artists of color. We want to expand art activity and elevate our programs, effectively creating an art's renaissance within our organization’s programmatic efforts.

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Services To Youth

The Links, Incorporated vision, is to develop an integrated approach to preparing youth for the 21st century workforce. Today, our organization continues to implement programs that are responsive to the academic, cultural, health and social awareness, development and mentoring needs of youth. Our “National Mentoring Initiative,” is a structured and trusting relationship bringing young people together with caring adults who offer guidance, support and encouragement, aiming to develop the skill set and character of the mentee.

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International Trends & Services

Our mission is to expand the global platform to service the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world. Our goal is to provide tangible, personalized service in other countries to improve the lives of women, children and men worldwide, and to empowering leadership and to advocate for social justice.

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Health & Human Services

The Links, Incorporated, established the Health and Human Services facet in response to the chronic health disparities that persist in our communities and the decreased life expectancy of African-Americans.

The mission of the Health and Human Services facet is to promote programs that encourage good health habits with the goal of reducing and/or eliminating chronic health disparities in communities of color.

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The Links, Incorporated

For More information on The Links, Incorporated visit our national website at linksinc.org or our Eastern Area Website at ealinks.org


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